The Last Days of Detroit

The Last Days of Detroit
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Format Innbundet
Utgivelsesår 2013
Forlag Vintage Publishing
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781847921680
Sider 336

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Om The Last Days of Detroit

"With the acuity of Joan Didion and the controlled hilarity of Ian Frazier, Mark Binelli investigates the portents and absurdities of America's most infamous urban calamity. Exhilarating in scope, irresistible for its intricate, scrupulous portraiture, [The Last Days of Detroit] is the masterful performance of one of our generation's most humane and brilliant writers" -- Wells Tower, Author Of Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned "Let's face it. Detroit City is not the place to be. But if you care about America you have to see it, to walk its desolate streets, to talk to the people who make it their home, to hear what it means to live on the wrong side of the post-industrial divide. And you're not going to find a smarter, tougher, more entertaining guide than Mark Binelli" -- Kevin Boyle, Author Of Arc Of Justice "Mark Binelli has succeeded in synthesizing the tragedy and absurdity that Detroiters face each and every day in America's fastest shrinking city. Yes, things are dire in Motor City, but Binelli refuses to perform an autopsy on a place that still radiates rage, pride, hustle, and hope. Detroit, he discovers, is very much alive" -- Heidi Ewing, Director Of Detropia "Before turning the buffalo (or the artists) loose on the haunted prairie that was once Detroit, we should ponder why a great American metropolis was allowed to die. Mark Binelli, Motor City native returned, provides a picaresque but unflinchingly honest look at the crime scene. Like Richard Pryor, he has the rare talent to make you laugh and cry at the same time" -- Mike Davis, Author Of Ecology Of Fear "[The Last Days of Detroit] is a brilliant kaleidoscope of everything that is great, broken, inspiring, heart-breaking, and ultimately remarkable about Detroit. Mark Binelli has turned the story of the city, and by extension America, into a glorious, unforgettable work of art" -- Dinaw Mengestu, Author Of How To Read The Air


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