Algebraic Theory of Automata and Languag

Algebraic Theory of Automata and Languag
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Førpris 1889,- Spar 378,-
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Utgivelsesår 2004
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812562685
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Om Algebraic Theory of Automata and Languag

Although there are some books dealing with algebraic theory of automata, their contents consist mainly of Krohn–Rhodes theory and related topics. The topics in the present book are rather different. For example, automorphism groups of automata and the partially ordered sets of automata are systematically discussed. Moreover, some operations on languages and special classes of regular languages associated with deterministic and nondeterministic directable automata are dealt with. The book is self-contained and hence does not require any knowledge of automata and formal languages.Contents:Group-Matrix Type AutomataGeneral AutomataClasses of Automata as PosetsLanguages and OperationsShuffle Closed LanguagesInsertions and DeletionsShuffles and Scattered DeletionsDirectable AutomataReadership: Researchers, lecturers, senior undergraduates and graduate students in theoretical computer science.Key Features:There are no competing titlesThe structure of the book, with main chapters and appendices, should make it accessible and of interest to readers of different backgroundsThe theory it deals with is described in fine detail — a model of presentation inspired by On The Origin of Species


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