His Redeeming Love

His Redeeming Love

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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2014
Forlag Revival Waves of Glory
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781312587588
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Om His Redeeming Love

Fighting against an addiction to pornography while trying his best to live as a Christian, Matthew Robert Payne is a sinner who has gone through a lot in his efforts to conquer the challenges that life throws at him. In his memoirs, he speaks of his battle to overcome the past and ensure that he will walk in his future in the grace of God. Yes, there are days when the darkness seems to be gaining ground, but he perseveres and keeps a tight hold to his faith. The enemy throws temptation after temptation in an attempt to keep him from fulfilling his destiny. He often finds himself doubting his ability to lead and be an example to others, but his belief in God is strong and he knows that God is beside him all the time. Matthew has lived through so much pain and suffering from the time he was a boy through his marriage and estrangement with his son and the abuse that he has to endure. Even his efforts to earn money and serve other people were fraught with trials. Whether its driving a taxi, washing dishes, serving coffee, talking to people and giving them hope and message from God, he tackles each task with the same dedication and love. He firmly believes that Jesus will hold his hand and guide him to the right path. His bipolar condition did not stop him from realizing his dreams as a writer and as a Christian. This autobiography will give you a chance to see the real person behind the author, the mistakes he made and how he corrected them will show you how a Christian is molded by his faith and how war can be waged and won against temptation even with the odds stacked against you. You will be inspired to find your life's purpose the same way he found his as a writer, using his gift of prophecy to connect with people and provide encouragement. Far from being a saint, he has the same struggles if not more than everyone else, but he reaches out and offers his gifts. This book will take your emotions on a roller coaster and will give you hope and strengthen your faith.


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