Mystic Way of Salvation

Mystic Way of Salvation
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Utgivelsesår 2015
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781312813762
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Om Mystic Way of Salvation

It is becoming clear that the church of the modern world is losing (or has already lost) its perceived value among the general populace. There have been many theories proposed that try to explain the reason for this decline in value, ranging from the church's need to be more relevant, to the necessity of return to authentic community. If the church is to become valuable again then we must return to a more substantive theology, one that helps people, both individually and collectively, to better understand the fullness of God's relational love, the importance of entering into that relationship, and what the process of doing so has historically looked like. The world needs a church that is that breaks the worldly cycles of selfishness, selfism, and entitlement and offers an alternative to the meaningless quest for self-deification. If we are to make a difference in the world again, then we must stop trying to make disciples who follow Christ, and begin making disciples who know Christ.


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