Theoretical Methods for Strongly Correla

Theoretical Methods for Strongly Correla
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Utgivelsesår 2006
Forlag Springer New York
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ISBN 9780387217178
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Om Theoretical Methods for Strongly Correla

Focusing on the purely theoretical aspects of strongly correlated electrons, this volume brings together a variety of approaches to models of the Hubbard type - i.e., problems where both localized and delocalized elements are present in low dimensions. The chapters are arranged in three parts. The first part deals with two of the most widely used numerical methods in strongly correlated electrons, the density matrix renormalization group and the quantum Monte Carlo method. The second part covers Lagrangian, Functional Integral, Renormalization Group, Conformal, and Bosonization methods that can be applied to one-dimensional or weakly coupled chains. The third part considers functional derivatives, mean-field, self-consistent methods, slave-bosons, and extensions. Taken together, the contributions to this volume represent a comprehensive overview of current problems and developments.


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