Exchange Alley

Exchange Alley

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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2014
Forlag Diversion Books
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781940941271
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Om Exchange Alley

In the depths of the Cold War a Soviet defector comes to the CIA with a story no one wants to hear. In a dreary apartment outside Moscow a secret videotape captures a man and woman making frantic love that climaxes in a murder. In the woods outside a New York City suburb an NYPD detective looks at the nude, mutilated body of a man whose violent death will lead the cop into an underground world of forbidden sexuality and international espionage.In this powerful debut novel Michael Walsh delivers an unparalleled jolt of dark, scintillating suspense that blends John Le Carre with James Ellroy. A murder mystery, a tangled espionage thriller, and a grown-up novel of desire and jealousy, Exchange Alley is a tale of truths conceived in sin and exposed in blood.Lt. Francis X. Byrne, a smart ambitious homicide detective on the rise, lives in a rundown Hell's Kitchen apartment and knows far less about his own life than he believes. Struggling with his temper, his drinking and his relationship with a woman who has him outclassed, Byrne is trying to solve the gruesome slaying of a Danish diplomat and following the trail of Egil Ekdhal's short life into a world where beautiful people play the most dangerous of games.As Byrne gets closer to Ekdahl's true identity he collides with the one man he loathes more than any other human being: his own FBI agent brother. Tom Byrne has broken every rule in pursuit of a spy's Holy Grail: the KGB's top secret file on Lee Harvey Oswald. It's a dossier that the FBI, the CIA and even the Mafia desperately wanta file stained by blackmail, intimidation and suicide.From the decadence of modern-day NYC to the twilight days if Soviet Communism, and stretching back to the hell of the Nazi death camps, Exchange Alleypits a tough but all-too-human cop against a conspiracy of evil that is beyond his comprehension. Relentless and frighteningly realistic, this is a novel that captures the rage of history's fires and the darkness they have left behind.PRAISE:JFK assassination buffs will enjoy bushwhacking their way through this labyrinthine debut...There isn't much Walsh doesn't know about the JFK assassination and the background research for this virtuoso novel feels thorough. Weaving from the worst of the Russian prison camps to Manhattan's elite European demimonde, from Brighton Beach's vicious Russian mobs to Little Italy's complacently murderous families, Walsh orchestrates a gripping tale of the horrors that were set in motion the day a president was murdered. Publishers Weekly(Starred review)';A classy thrillerintelligentmulti- layered, gritty. USA Today';Extraordinary and entertainingDark, ominous, and tragic, this violent, vivid glimpse into the underworlds of New York and Moscow grips the reader and never lets go.' Tim Rice, co-writer of Evita


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