Vested Interests

Vested Interests
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2009
Forlag Liquid Silver Books
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781595785411
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Om Vested Interests

Indianapolis attorney Brigit Bauer has always fought for the underdog, whether it's sitting on the historic preservation board or mediating a gangland truce. But those battlegrounds are nothing compared to the web of deceit she uncovers, leading her through a maze of holding companies to the Chicago mob presence in her city. When a client dies in her place, she realizes she may have followed one lead too many.Tony Pendrake, a former Navy SEAL and owner of T.P. Security, assists Bree in getting to the bottom of the attempts on her life. While Tony and Bree seek the person or persons behind the attacks, the two find themselves thrown into close proximity. The intensity of the situation leads to a relationship between them, but before they can discover where such a relationship could go, Bree's newfound trust in Tony is tested in a final lethal encounter with the man who wants her dead.Read all of Monette Michaels' series: Security Specialists International1. Eye of the Storm1.5. Stormy Weather Baby2.Cold Day in Hell2.5 Storm Front3. Weather the Storm4. Storm Warning 4.5. Hot as Hell5. An Ill WindThe Prime Chronicles1. Prime Obsession2. Prime Selection3. Prime Imperative3.5 Prime Claiming4. Prime TargetThe Gooden and Knight Mysteries 1. A Virtuous Vampire2. The Deadly Seance


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