Ernie's ark

Ernie's ark

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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre DRM
Filformat EPUB
Utgivelsesår 2017
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781472232007

Om Ernie's ark

A heart-wrenching story collection from the acclaimed author of THE ONE-IN-A-MILLION BOY Monica Wood, ERNIE'S ARK tells the story of a small town's people, determined to survive... Perfect for those who love reading Anne Tyler, Joanna Cannon and Emma Healey. 'Loving character portraits... help us understand the human condition' Boston GlobeAbbott Falls, Maine, a town once drenched with ordinary hopes and dreams, is now praying for a small drop of good fortune. Ernie Whitten - out of a job and tending to his ill wife - needs it more than most. Struck with sudden inspiration, Ernie builds a giant ark in his backyard. It is a work of art, a vessel to carry them both away, and a plea to God to spare Marie, come hell or high water.As the ark takes shape, the rest of the town carries on. There's Dan Little, sent to fine Ernie for building the ark, who makes a significant discovery about himself. Francine Love is a precocious thirteen-year-old who longs to be part of a family. And CEO Henry John McCoy, an impatient man determined to be a good father to his twenty-six-year-old daughter. The people of Abbott Falls will try their best to hold their community together, against the fiercest of odds...

A masterpiece... Wood's stories are filled with light and hope Curl up and enjoy this bewitching novel A lovely, quirky novel about misfits across generations This inspirational tale of friendship, world records and following dreams is a stunner Piercingly beautiful... Intelligent and warm-hearted... Quietly wonderful fiction Wood handles each voice with such grace... Her prose is careful yet still quivers Clever, intricate plot, beautifully sketched characters and life-affirming message of self- discovery Loving character portraits that form [these] stories help us understand not only the people of Maine but also the human condition Praise for THE ONE-IN-A-MILLION BOY: Beautifully written, cleverly constructed, at times hilariously funny and ultimately deeply affecting - this should be a smash'


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