Environment and Crime among Residents in

Environment and Crime among Residents in
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Utgivelsesår 2012
Forlag Ashgate Publishing Ltd
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ISBN 9781409447061
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Om Environment and Crime among Residents in

This groundbreaking book by Olof Dahlbck analyzes the direct effects of the environment and the indirect effects of geographical differentiation of individuals on the offender rates of different urban areas. In order to do this, relationships between crime and independent factors are analyzed in various ways - by considering cross-sectional and longitudinal aspects, linear and non-linear models, point and change data, different time periods, micro- and macro-level interaction, and data for individuals with different patterns of moves. The offender rates analyzed refer to individuals suspected by the police. The directly crime-influencing processes focused upon imply that individuals are affected by social control and social resources. The study makes use of advanced analytical models, novel methods and comprehensive data, and it solves several problems that have hampered research.


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