What Would Madison Do?

What Would Madison Do?
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Utgivelsesår 2015
Forlag Brookings Institution Press
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ISBN 9780815726586
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Om What Would Madison Do?

What would the father of the Constitution think of contemporary developments in American politics and public policy?Constitutional scholars have long debated whether the American political system, which was so influenced by the thinking of James Madison, has in fact grown outmoded. But if Madison himself could peer at the present, what would he think of the state of key political institutions that he helped originate and the government policies that they produce? In What Would Madison Do?, ten prominent scholars explore the contemporary performance of Madison's constitutional legacy and how much would have surprised him.Contents:1. Introduction: Perspectives on Madison's Legacy for Contemporary American Politics, Pietro S. Nivola and Benjamin Wittes2. Mr. Madison's Communion Suit: Implementation-Group Liberalism and the Case for Constitutional Reform, John J. DiIulio Jr.3. Constitutional Surprises: What James Madison Got Wrong, William A. Galston4. Overcoming the Great Recession: How Madison's " Horse and Buggy" Managed, Pietro S. Nivola5. Gridlock and the Madisonian Constitution, R. Shep Melnick


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