Perspective in Theoretical Computer Scie

Perspective in Theoretical Computer Scie
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Utgivelsesår 1989
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789814368452
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Om Perspective in Theoretical Computer Scie

This volume consists of invited papers written by eminent researchers working in the areas of theoretical computer science. The contents of the papers reflect the current trend of research being carried out in each of the areas. Some of the areas featured are petri-nets, distributed systems, map-generating systems, Lindenmayer systems, logic, cryptography, graph grammars, probabilistic automata, array grammars and pattern recognition. Many of these areas contain open problems and it is hoped that younger research workers will be motivated to work on them. In addition, some of the models designed, constructed and presented are suitable for practical applications such as in computer graphics, cryptography and distributed computing.Contents:The Constructive Engine (G Huet)Complexity of Acceptance Problems for Two-Dimensional Automata (K Inoue)Decidability and Undecidability in Distributed Transition Systems (R Parikh)An Architecture for Picture Parsing (A Rosenfeld)A Petri Net Model of Asynchronously Communicating Sequential Processes (M Mukund & P S Thiagarajan)and also other papers by K Culik II & J Karhumahi, N Koblitz, M Kudlek, K Krithivasan, A Nakamura, A Paz, Z Pawlak, A Salomaa, R K Shayamasundar, P S P Wang, V R Dare & K G SubramanianReadership: Computer scientists and mathematicians.Key Features:A thoroughly referenced science book with a conversational styleIncludes every significant influence on the tides on earthExplains in detail how NOAA calculates the tide tablesDebunks the many popular myths about the tidesRanges from chaos theory to saltwater fishingBrings clarity and depth to this challenging aspect of physical oceanography


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