Microbial Diversity in Asia

Microbial Diversity in Asia
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Utgivelsesår 2001
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Om Microbial Diversity in Asia

Diversity of microbial forms in nature allows the discovery of new microorganisms that produce different types of bioactive compounds including some which may have specific physiological effects in animals. Asian countries possess numerous pristine and exotic locations for the isolation of new species of microorganisms. Research activities in such sciences have only recently been embarked upon by microbiologists from Asian countries as collaborative ventures. The present volume describes the occurrence of diverse and new microorganisms isolated from different sites in countries in Asia. This book includes papers written by eminent microbiologists on the following topics: microorganisms and metabolites which promote animal and plant growth; microbial versatility and its impact on environmental control; utilization of microbial functions and microbial diversity: isolation, systematics and molecular phylogeny of microorganisms. This volume also contains a section on the importance of culture collection network. The subject material of the chapters has been organized in the context of microbiology in the Asian scene.Contents: Technology:Ballistoporous Yeasts Found in the Phyllosphere of Asia (T Nakase)Lactic Acid Bacteria in Fermented Foods in Southeast Asia (S Tanasupawat & K Komagata)The Importance of Network Approach for Understanding Microbial Diversity in Asia (M M Watanabe)Culture Collection Networks in Asia: A Role of Asian Network on Microbial Researches (ANMR) Project (K-I Suzuki et al.) High Actinomycete Diversity in the Tropical Rainforests of Singapore (Y Wang et al.)Molecular Classification of the Genus Kribbella and Related Taxa (Y-H Park & J-H Yoon)Isolation and Characterisation of an Aniline-Degrading Bacterium (Z-P Liu et al.) Prospects:Microorganisms in Traditional Fermented Foods: Resources for Biotechnological Development (P S Sanchez)Engineering Biphenyl Dioxygenases to Acquire Wide Degradation Capabilities of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) and Aromatic Hydrocarbons (K Furukawa et al.)Isolation, Identification and Molecular Studies of Alcanivorax sp. LE4, a Hydrocarbon-degrading Marine Bacterium Isolated in Singapore (W F Wang & H M Tan)Novel Bioactive Compounds from Fungi (S Hashimoto)Isolation, Characterisation and Biological Activities of Actinomycetes Isolated from Dipterocarp Rain Forests Soils in Malaysia (C C Ho et al.)Studies of a Daunorubicin Producing Actinomycete Strain, NS3-166 Isolated from a Soil Sample in Singapore (C W Liew et al.)Readership: Students and researchers in microbiology, medical science and chemistry.Key Features:Tackles amplitude equations, an important tool in applied physicsBoth a self-contained introduction and a guide to current researchProvides rigorous error estimates


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