Unlocking the Enterpriser Inside!

Unlocking the Enterpriser Inside!
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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2011
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812818768
Sider 168
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Om Unlocking the Enterpriser Inside!

This book is based on a highly successful joint project between the University of Cambridge and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), under the auspices of the Cambridge-MIT Institute. The project brings together communities of highly diverse individuals to share and learn how to be enterprising. It has run 17 times with the positive outcomes of not only training more enterprising individuals, but also building capacity in universities.The unique feature of this book is how it covers learning in enterprising skills, while at the same time builds capacity in such a way that the alumni themselves can take what they have learned for the benefit of others. Through this book, the authors intend to share what they have learnt and to transmit their passion for this program to others for personal development. Hopefully, others will then repeat this positive experience and make a difference to their respective institutions and communities.Contents:Entrepreneurship is Becoming a Social Movement:Social Changes — The Driving Forces of ChangeEnterprising Communities — The Next Stage of Enterprise DevelopmentA Helicopter View of Entrepreneurship:So — What is the Heffalump?A Bit of History — Economic Theories Underlying EntrepreneurshipThe Entrepreneur as a Decision MakerThe Entrepreneurial ProcessIt Is Like Cod Liver Oil — Good for You But We Don't Know Why!Entrepreneurship Education is Not Just Strategy Made Simple!:Efficiency and EffectivenessSmall is BeautifulThe MenuPersonal Development Blended with Business DevelopmentNeighbouring Domains of KnowledgeSo What?Entrepreneurial Self-HelpBringing It All Together:Enterprise TuesdayOperational ElementsAdvanced Diploma in EntrepreneurshipEnterprisers — A Bold Experiment:A Brief HistoryCMI-Connections Is BornThe Enterprisers JourneyEnterprisers TimetableThe Overarching Goal of EnterprisersFacilitators, Facilitation and the Administrative Team:Facilitative LeadersFacilitative ModelFacilitator CriteriaLead Facilitators: Coordinating the ShowFacilitatorsAn Emphasis on Facilitation SkillsModes of InteractionsStyles of FacilitationStages of Group DevelopmentKey Facilitation SkillsBehind Every Successful ProgrammeAfter the ProgrammeLessons LearnedEvaluating Enterprisers: A Look at Finding about Self-Efficacy:Entrepreneurship in a Changing WorldThe Development of Self-efficacyBandura's Sources of Self- EfficacyCan Teaching Cultivate Self-Efficacy?A Reflective MomentThe Enterprisers' “Can Do” AttitudeMeasuring Self-EfficacyLessons LearnedCases and Speechless Moments!:Dr Sunny Kotecha — Participant and FacilitatorSkeleton ProductionsKatie Hart — Participant and FacilitatorJesse Costelloe — AustraliaJessamy Kelly Juo Ltd — Participant and EntrepreneurChris Ireland — Participant and Ambassador in the Public SectorMatias Piipari — Participant and EntrepreneurJames Duggan — Participant and Social EntrepreneurDavid OwenUniversity of Sussex — Capturing Institutional ImpactNewcastle UniversityThe Ah Ha Moments — What Shai and Neal have Learned after Many ExperimentsReadership: University faculties; institutions of applied sciences (further education); high schools; policy-makers; training consultants; managers of corporate training departments; managers of incubation centers associated with universities.


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