Metric Rigidity Theorems on Hermitian Lo

Metric Rigidity Theorems on Hermitian Lo
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Utgivelsesår 1989
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789814434331
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Om Metric Rigidity Theorems on Hermitian Lo

This monograph studies the problem of characterizing canonical metrics on Hermitian locally symmetric manifolds X of non- compact/compact types in terms of curvature conditions. The proofs of these metric rigidity theorems are applied to the study of holomorphic mappings between manifolds X of the same type. Moreover, a dual version of the generalized Frankel Conjecture on characterizing compact Kähler manifolds are also formulated.Contents:Background and First Results: Historical Background and Summary of ResultsFundamentals of Hermitian and Kähler GeometriesRiemannian and Hermitian Symmetric ManifoldsBounded Symmetric Domains — the Classical CasesBounded Symmetric Domains — General TheoryThe Hermitian Metric Rigidity Theorem for Compact QuotientsThe Kähler Metric Rigidity Theorem in the Semipositive CaseFurther Development: The Hermitian Metric Rigidity Theorem for Quotients of Finite VolumeThe Immersion Problem for Complex Hyperbolic Space FormsThe Hermitian Metric Rigidity Theorem on Locally Homogeneous Holomorphic Vector BundlesA Rigidity Theorem for Holomorphic Mappings between Irreducible Hermitian Symmetric Manifolds of Compact TypeAppendix: Semisimple Lie Algebras and Their RepresentationsSome Theorems in Riemannian GeometryCharacteristic Projective Subvarieties Associated to Hermitian Symmetric ManifoldsA Dual Generalized Frankel Conjecture for Compact Kähler Manifolds of Seminegative Bisectional CurvatureReadership: Mathematicians.Key Features:A self-contained text with numerous valuable exercisesIncludes useful Matlab programs


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