Nonlinear Evolution Equations

Nonlinear Evolution Equations
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Utgivelsesår 1993
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812796509
Sider 208
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Om Nonlinear Evolution Equations

The book is devoted to the questions of the long-time behavior of solutions for evolution equations, connected with kinetic models in statistical physics. There is a wide variety of problems where such models are used to obtain reasonable physical as well as numerical results (Fluid Mechanics, Gas Dynamics, Plasma Physics, Nuclear Physics, Turbulence Theory etc.). The classical examples provide the nonlinear Boltzmann equation. Investigation of the long-time behavior of the solutions for the Boltzmann equation gives an approach to the nonlinear fluid dynamic equations. From the viewpoint of dynamical systems, the fluid dynamic equations arise in the theory as a tool to describe an attractor of the kinetic equation.Contents: IntroductionKinetic Approximations of Nonlinear Evolution Equations. Formal ConstructionsBoltzmann Equation. Collision OperatorsTransport OperatorsSteady-State Solutions of the Linear Boltzmann EquationNonlinear Steady-State ProblemsInitial-Boundary Value Problems for the Boltzmann EquationReadership: Mathematicians, mathematical physicists, statistical physicists, graduates and researchers.Key Features:Contains a powerful foreword written by Jonathan Cainer — an internationally well known journalist whose worldwide readership is between 2 to 3 million dailyBrings alive the ancient medical texts and makes them relevant, using numerous diagrams charts and tables, to the people of the 21st centuryAn accompanying questionnaire enables the reader to assess their own state of functioning and how to recognise the one most in need of attention. It explains in detail the process of diagnosis and what happens during a consultation sessionLists which conditions best respond to treatment based on thorough research outcomesFinally, information is provided on how to find a qualified practitioner worldwide


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