Dance to the Piper

Dance to the Piper

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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre DRM
Filformat EPUB
Utgivelsesår 2013
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781405524322
Serie O'Hurleys

Om Dance to the Piper

AVAILABLE DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME Impulsive, big-hearted Maddy O'Hurley is one of Broadway's brightest stars. And while it's fun to see her name up in lights, Maddy isn't interested in the trappings of stardom. All she really cares about is music and dancing - that is until she meets charismatic, ruthless record mogul Reed Valentine... Reed is happy to back Maddy's newest show - it's a good business project. And Reed is all about the business - old traumas have convinced him that women aren't to be trusted. These days, his passions are wealth and power - nothing more. So when Maddy dances into his life, he's instantly suspicious. But her love of dance and her appetite for life have an unexpected effect on Reed. The question is, after all this time, can he really change? Dance to the Piper can be read as a captivating standalone novel. It is also book two of The O'Hurleys series featuring triplets Abigail, Maddy and Chantel, and their brother Trace. The series begins with The Last Honest Woman and continues with Skin Deep and Without a Trace - all now available as eBooks. Includes a preview of Skin Deep


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