''And When the Rabbi Laughs''

''And When the Rabbi Laughs''
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Utgivelsesår 2011
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ISBN 9781465304834
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Om ''And When the Rabbi Laughs''

Joy and humor are an integral part of Jewish tradition. The very name of Abrahams son, Yitzchak (Isaac), reflects his mothers laughter when she heard the good news of her forthcoming delivery of a child. She thought it hilarious that she would be blessed with a son in her advanced age. King David danced joyfully and publicly before the Holy Ark as it was being brought back to its home. The rabbis of the Talmud are famous for their antics in bringing happiness and laughter to the bride and groom at their wedding. In fact, the Psalms clearly state, Serve God with joy. (100:2). It is only in an optimistic and cheerful frame of mind that we can truly come close to the divine. Rabbi Weinberg inherited a love of Jewish humor from his family. He enjoys sharing entertaining stories with his congregants and friends. Finally, his grandchildren, who have not heard these repertoires very often, urged him to commit them to writing. He gladly took up the challenge and these enjoyable pages are the result. Please feel free to visit Rabbi Weinberg on his e-mail at 3natan6@gmail.com


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