African Culture Is Not to Blame

African Culture Is Not to Blame
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Utgivelsesår 2010
Forlag Xlibris US
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781453518083
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Om African Culture Is Not to Blame

"This newly published book, "AFRICAN CULTURE IS NOT TO BLAME (Western Culture Is To Blame) written by Dr. P.E. Aligwekwe has a very important message both for the West and for Africa; but most particularly for the West. The book is a very audacious speaking out of a biting truth avoided or minimized by the guilty, sidetracked by the nonchalant, purposely misrepresented by the addict, or distorted by the agnostic and arrogant. The books realism is an asset to knowing for certain where the source of our contemporary sexual moral decadence and the very much needed solution really lie. Learn in it something about the main causes and bases of priest/clergy sexual abuse that is nowadays the general topic of the day. Learn more about the origin and main causes of homosexuality in humans, and also about prostitution, abortion and other the main social topics of our day. Surely you will want to read this exiting book, and pass it on to whomever you care for family, friend or colleague. Besides, you will bring its substance to the knowledge of as many members of the society as possible. The authors previous book titled " THE CONTINUITY OF TRADITIONAL VALUES IN THE AFRICAN SOCIETY (The Igbo of Nigeria)- a book rightly qualified as a valuable tertiary institution anthropology text or reference book, published 2008, is equally available in the bookstore of the same publishers" .


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