Light Scattering by Particles

Light Scattering by Particles
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Utgivelsesår 1990
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789814317689
Sider 276
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Om Light Scattering by Particles

This book presents the separation-of-variables and T-matrix methods of calculating the scattering of electromagnetic waves by particles. Analytical details and computer programs are provided for determining the scattering and absorption characteristics of the finite-thickness slab, infinite circular cylinder (normal incidence), general axisymmetric particle, and sphere.The computer programs are designed to generate data that is easy to graph and visualize, and test cases in the book illustrate the capabilities of the programs. The connection between the theory and the computer programs is reinforced by references in the computer programs to equations in the text. This cross-referencing will help the reader understand the computer programs, and, if necessary, modify them for other purposes.Contents:IntroductionScattering by an Infinite Circular Cylinder at Normal IncidenceScattering by Axisymmetric Particles: T-Matrix MethodScattering by a SphereReferencesIndexReadership: Electrical engineers, applied physicists, computer scientists, including graduate students.Key Features:A significant part of the theory has been developed by the authors and their co-workersNot just a theoretical treatment of the subject, but also has a discussion on many practical and well-known problems such as the clustering problem to which the developed theory can apply (or explanations why it doesn't)Can also be used as a text for a 1-year graduate class


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