Advances in Kinetic Theory and Computing

Advances in Kinetic Theory and Computing
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Utgivelsesår 1994
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ISBN 9789814354165
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Om Advances in Kinetic Theory and Computing

This selection of 8 papers discusses “Equations of Kinetic Physics” with emphasis on analysis, modelling and computing. The first 3 papers are on numerical methods for Vlasov-Poisson and Vlasov-Maxwell Equations — Comparison between Particles and Eulerian Methods (G Manfredi and M R Feix), Computing BGK Instability with Eulerian Codes (M R Feix, Pertrand & A Ghieco) and Coupling Particles and Eulerian Methods (S Mas-Gallic and P A Raviart) — Followed by a survey of kinetic and macroscopic models for semiconductor devices — Boltzmann Equation, Drift-Diffusion Models (F Poupaud). In addition, there are 2 papers on the modelling and analysis of singular perturbation problems arising in plasma physics — Derivation of the Child-Lagmuyr Emission Laws (P Degond) and Euler Models with Small Pressure Terms (F Bouchut) — followed by two papers on the analysis and numerical analysis of the Boltzmann equations — Symmetry Properties in the Polynomials Arising in Chapman- Enskog Expansion (L Desvillettes and F Golse) and A General Introduction to Computing the Boltzmann Equations with Random Particle Methods (B Perthame).Contents:Vlasov-Poisson in Plasma Physics:The Child-Langmuir Law in the Kinetic Theory of Charged-Particles. Part 1, Electron Flows in Vacuum (P Degond)Eulerian Codes for the Vlasov Equation (M R Feix et al.)Mathematical Models of Ion Extraction and Plasma Sheaths (S Mas-Gallic & P A Raviart)Quantum Mechanics and Semiconductors:Transport Equations for Quantum Plasmas (G Manfredi & M R Feix)Mathematical Theory of Kinetic Equations for Transport Modelling in Semiconductors (F Poupaud) Boltzmann Equations and Gas Dynamics:On Zero Pressure Gas Dynamics (F Bouchut)A Remark Concerning the Chapman-Enskog Asymptotics (L Desvillettes & F Golse)Introduction to the Theory of Random Particle Methods for Boltzmann Equation (B Perthame)Readership: Applied mathematicians.Key Features:Differs from general textbooks on child and adolescent psychiatry because it will go beyond the current DSM taxonomy to focus on pathogenic processes instead of phenomenological diagnosesApproaches psychopathology from the point of view of principal disorder clusters rather than simply listing co-morbid conditionsDiffers from standard child psychiatry textbooks because it proposes explicitly that syndromes and syndrome clusters are a starting point to formulate treatment, not an endpoint (which is usually the case with standard descriptive diagnoses based texts)The book is intended for frontline mental health clinicians who wish to use Stanford's approach to mental disorders in children and adolescents.


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