Art of Leading Transformational Change

Art of Leading Transformational Change
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Utgivelsesår 2009
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ISBN 9781449026073
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Om Art of Leading Transformational Change

The market dynamics are changing in many industries. Businesses that were powerhouses in their industry have lost their position as market leaders. Are you equipped to drive the changes it will take to be competitive in an industry where the rules are being re- written?Leaders that continuously achieve extraordinary results understand that many of the changes they need to drive are transformational. Highly effective leaders know the difference between incremental and transformational change, they know how to lead both kinds of change and they know what it takes to be a transformational change leader. When embarking on a change initiative leaders are often told that they need to go look in the mirror, that the change begins with them. This is true, but it is not very helpful advice because many people do not know what to look for in the mirror. This book teaches you what to look for in yourself and how to dramatically increase your effectiveness in leading transformational change. The concepts are practical, easy to implement and yet profound.Once you understand the dynamics of transformational change and your role in leading it, the possibilities of what you can create are limited only by your imagination and your energy for driving them forward.


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