The Waxman Murders (Hugh Corbett Mysteri

Murder, espionage and treason in medieval England

The Waxman Murders (Hugh Corbett Mysteri
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre DRM
Filformat EPUB
Utgivelsesår 2012
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9780755350421

Om The Waxman Murders (Hugh Corbett Mysteri

Hugh Corbett faces one of his most baffling cases to date... Murder, treachery, intrigue and betrayal abound in Paul Doherty's fascinating fifteenth tale to feature medieval sleuth, Hugh Corbett. Perfect for fans of Robin Hobb and Michael Jecks. October 1300: The Waxman, most feared of war cogs, is carrying the Cloister Map - an ancient manuscript alleged to chart the whereabouts of a legendary treasure - when it is overrun by ships flying the colours of the Hanseatic League. December 1303: Wilhelm Von Paulents, a representative of the Hanseatic League, arrives in Canterbury in possession of the Cloister Map. Sir Hugh Corbett is sent, by Edward I, to negotiate for ownership of the chart. But shortly after his arrival, Von Paulents and his companions are assassinated. How could this happen when they were under city guard? Even more puzzling is the fact that the Cloister Map has not been stolen. Now Corbett must uncover why the murders were committed. Is this revenge for past deeds or the actions of a killer in love with death...? What readers are saying about The Waxman Murders: 'Paul Doherty has the rare talent of making you feel as though you are there, be it medieval England, or battling with Alexander. The sounds and smells of the period seem to waft from the pages of his books' 'The story is well written and one is drawn into the events with page one... Suspense guaranteed' 'A compellingly written novel that is difficult to put down'

Praise for Paul Doherty: The maestro of medieval mystery... As with all Doherty's historical whodunnits, it is packed with salty dialogue, the smells and superstitions of the 14th century, not to mention the political intrigues Doherty's deep understanding of the period and the nitty-gritty of historical detail are to the fore without intruding on the rhythm of the plot. Superb entertainment Paul Doherty has come up trumps again with this medieval mystery A masterpiece of murder and mystery The best of its kind since the death of Ellis Peters Medieval London comes vividly to life Paul Doherty has a lively sense of history... evocative and lyrical descriptions Vitality in the cityscape... angst in the mystery; it's Peters minus the herbs but plus a few crates of sack As always the author invokes the medieval period in all its muck as well as glory, filling the pages with pungent smells and description. The author brings years of research to his writing; his mastery of the period as well as a disciplined writing schedule have led to a rapidly increasing body of work and a growing reputation For those who are keen enthusiasts of medieval murder stories the name Paul Doherty will need no introduction... He writes with enthusiasm about an era he knows well


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