Compulsive Hoarding Help: The Art of Con

Compulsive Hoarding Help: The Art of Con
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Utgivelsesår 2013
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781304443915
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Om Compulsive Hoarding Help: The Art of Con

From a very broad point of view, hoarders are dangerous both for their self and to the communitiesWe all know that hoarders keep stuff they don't even need anymore for any reasonBut what we need to know is whether or not a person behavior is leaning towards hoarder or notThe earlier we can identify hoarder behavior, the faster and better we can help our loved onesThat is my goal with this book. This book is not to substitute a professional help but rather to help identify hoarder's type of behavior and stop them earlyAlso this book will help lessen the hoarding compulsive behaviorInside you'll find:-the 3 features of compulsive hoarding behavior-the 3 reasons why hoarders keep their stuffs-3 types of hoarding behavior-7 essential principles to guide hoarders out from their destructive behavior-three essential tasks that must be carried out before you start helping a hoarder-checklists to early identify hoarders before things got worse-and many more


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