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Utgivelsesår 2011
Forlag Trafford Publishing
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781426955051
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Om Immigrant

Born into a family in East Germany, Peter Albion followed family tradition and became a butchers apprentice. This was not the path he wanted to follow. Two years later, his family had left for West Germany, but he remained with his paternal grandparents. Sadly, his grandmother took her own life, followed six month later by the suicide of his motherevents that would inform the rest of his life. At sixteen, he had no understanding of life, death, or being; religion had not given him peace or love. It took him twenty years to begin to heal from these devastating losses, and now he shares the lessons he learned in the process. To begin a new life, Peter immigrated alone to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. There he found a Spiritual Occult school in eight years he dicovered truths that started to heal his wounds and helped him on the way that is also called "The Work" because as in any professin if you want to become a Master it takes at least ten years of intens work. Going to chirch on sunday will do litle. Jesus was a full time worker. Extraordinary life events that many experience can awaken one to the present and begin self remembering if ruthless honesty, integrity, and tenacity are applied to self-observation in the present. No one can breathe, eat, or be for you; Albion advises to be wary of anyone or any organization promising heavenly salvation and possibly enlightenment, especially if it proclaims exclusivity with conditions attached.


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