Fundamentals of Interferometric Gravitat

Fundamentals of Interferometric Gravitat
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Utgivelsesår 1994
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789814350235
Sider 316
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Om Fundamentals of Interferometric Gravitat

Gravitational waves were predicted by Einstein over 75 years ago, but have not yet been seen. This book is about the technology of the new generation of interferometric gravitational wave detectors now being built, such as the LIGO (Laser Interferometric Gravitational-Wave Observatory) project in the US. The book aims to make plain how these detectors function, and why it is reasonable to think that gravitational waves may be successfully detected in the next decade.After an introduction to the physical and astronomical aspects of gravitational waves, the book concentrates on explaining the basic principles behind the detectors and discusses the strategies for utilising them. All the required background in astronomy, optics and experimental physics techniques is developed within the text, and anyone with an undergraduate knowledge of physics will be able to follow the arguments presented. The book will be of use not just to physicists and astronomers who wish to acquaint themselves with the subject, but will also prove useful for courses in experimental physics at the advanced undergraduate and graduate levels.Contents:The Search for Gravitational WavesThe Nature of Gravitational WavesSources of Gravitational WavesLinear Systems, Signals and NoiseOptical Readout NoiseFolded Interferometer ArmsThermal NoiseSeismic Noise and Vibration IsolationDesign Features of Large InterferometersNull InstrumentsFeedback Control SystemsAn Interferometer as an Active Null InstrumentResonant Mass Gravitational Wave DetectorsDetecting Gravitational Wave SignalsGravitational Wave AstronomyProspectsReferencesIndexesReadership: Physicists and astronomers.Key Features:Each chapter is self-contained and exhausts the relevant information for each diseaseFrequent reference to neuroanatomy and the description of neurosurgical techniques deepens the understanding of these pathologies for the neurosurgeon as well for pediatricians, neurologists, urologists and orthopedic surgeonsThe author is a renowned pediatric neurosurgeon who has vast experience in these disorders, has performed numerous surgeries and run NTD clinics in America, Africa, Europe and Asia


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