Myth of Death

Myth of Death
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Format E-Bok
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Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2005
Forlag Xlibris US
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781453518205
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Om Myth of Death

In the year 2041 minimum brain function clones are grown to be harvested for organs or to receive surgically transplanted brains, allowing individuals to perpetuate themselves indefinitely in healthy bodies. Although legal, cloning has been driven underground by anti-cloning activists the cloners that remain use hidden maturation chambers in such places as basements or attics to grow clones. Anti-cloning groups enlist undercover operatives Martin Storm is one to ferret out the hiding places so that clones can be humanely terminated before they can be used. The sinister and secret anti-cloning society the Brethren of Life goes one step farther: the Brethren terminate cloners as well as their clones. Martins first mission is to determine whether Nobel laureate scientist Adrian Zeit and his wife are cloners. Though obsessively opposed to cloning, Martin cannot help sympathizing with the aged, gentle Dr. Zeit. Martin is both repulsed by and mysteriously attracted to Adrian Zeits beautiful young wife, Marla. Unearthing the hiding place for their clones, Martin discovers he has a competitor in his search. Alice, a girl-next-door wannabee actress she has been posing as the Zeits maid and cook tracks down clones for the reward money surreptitiously paid by anti- cloning organizations. Terminating the clones leads to a startling discovery which sends Martin and Alice on a frightening and romantic odyssey. Who is Martin Storm and why are the Brethren out to kill him?Wludyka again concocts a thought provoking scenariothe storys central idea is captivatingthe mystery of Martins past absorbing. Kirkus Discoveries


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