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Utgivelsesår 2015
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Om Incarnation

In this volume, prominent scholars take the reader on a journey from New Testament and early church views of incarnation to contemporary understandings of Christology.

Deeply engaged with the classical tradition and the contemporary world, the book leads readers into critical explorations and debates of the concept of ';deep incarnation'the view that the divine incarnation in Jesus presupposes a radical embodiment that reaches into the roots of material and biological existence, as well as into the darker sides of creation. Such a wide-scope view of incarnation allows Christology to be relevant and meaningful when responding to the challenges of scientific cosmology and global religious pluralism: How does the revelation of the love of God in Christ relate to other experiences of communicative love and ethical sensitivity, to suffering and joy?; In what sense does God's Logos and Wisdom ';becoming flesh' include the world of ';all flesh'from grass to human persons; What are the connections between a Logos Christology and the informational aspects of the universethose exemplified in its deep mathematical structures as well as those emerging in biological evolution?; In brief, how does ';high' and ';low' meet and mingle in the story of incarnation?


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