Stem Cells

Stem Cells
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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2012
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789814374255
Sider 296
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Om Stem Cells

Fast-moving and ever-changing, stem cell science and research presents ongoing ethical and legal challenges in many countries. Each development and innovation throws up new challenges. This is the case even where new developments initially seem to solve old dilemmas. Sometimes it becomes evident that new science does not in fact solve old problems and, for that reason, the ethical issues remain. In recognition of this, this book presents innovative and creative analyses of a range of ethical and legal challenges raised by stem cell research and its potential and actual application.The editors of this collection have brought together experts from ethics and law to bring fresh perspectives on the use of and research on stem cells. The chapters in this collection range across a number of different issues in the debate on stem cells, from the ethical dilemmas of conducting stem cell research to those of the clinical application of stem cell technology. Each chapter gives an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the ethical or legal issues at stake. The early chapters give engaging new expositions on the permissibility of using embryos in stem cell research, in particular challenging our views about how we view and ‘construct’ the embryo in debates regarding stem cells. Later chapters move on to actual and potential clinical uses of stem cells and present novel arguments about these.Contents:New Frontiers in Stem Cell Science & Ethics: Current Technology & Future Challenges (Muireann Quigley, Sarah Chan and John Harris)The Monopoly of Moral Status in Debate on Embryonic Stem Cell Research (Sorcha Uí Chonnachtaigh) The Construction of the Embryo and Implications for Law (Sheelagh McGuinness)Legal Regulation of Human Stem Cell Technology (Loane Skene)Human Embryos in Stem Cell Research: Property and Recompense (Sarah Devaney)Against the Discarded–Created Distinction in Embryonic Stem Cell Research (Katrien Devolder)Stem Cell Therapies & Benefiting from the Fruits of Banned Research (Muireann Quigley)Who Do You Call a Hypocrite? Stem Cells and Comparative Hypocritology (Søren Holm)Stem Cell Research and Same-Sex Reproduction (Thomas Douglas, Catherine Harding, Hannah Bourne and Julian Savulescu)The Permissibility of Recruiting Patients with Spinal Cord Injury for Clinical Stem Cell Trials (Anna Pacholczyk and John Harris)Readership: Researchers and academics in bioethics, healthcare professionals, policy makers.


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