On Honeymoon with Death (Oz Blackstone s

A twisting crime novel of murder and suspense

On Honeymoon with Death (Oz Blackstone s
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre DRM
Filformat EPUB
Utgivelsesår 2009
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9780755353712

Om On Honeymoon with Death (Oz Blackstone s

Sometimes murder is only the beginning... Murder follows Oz Blackstone to Spain in On Honeymoon with Death, Quintin Jardine's gripping mystery. Perfect for fans of Ian Rankin and Peter Robinson. 'Jardine manages to combine the picturesque with the thrilling and the dream-like with the coldly rational' - The Times Returning to L'Escala, the idyllic Spanish village where they were once so happy, Oz Blackstone and Primavera Phillips are looking to forget the past. But old ghosts are not so easy to placate, and the shadow of Oz's childhood sweetheart Jan, now tragically dead, is threatening to turn their relationship into a seething cauldron of recrimination. Until a body turns up face down in the swimming pool of their new villa, and suddenly they are very much back in the harness again. Faced with the indifference of the local police, Oz and Prim are forced to investigate the murder themselves, and soon they begin to uncover a nest of vipers beneath L'Escala's sunny exterior... What readers are saying about On Honeymoon with Death: 'An intricately woven plot set in [a] beautiful landscape... one of his best books' 'Another great read with so many twists and turns... So difficult to put down once you start' 'Five stars'

Praise for Quintin Jardine: Very engaging as well as ingenious, and the unraveling of the mystery is excellently done Remarkably assured, raw-boned, a tour de force Well constructed, fast-paced, Jardine's narrative has many an ingenious twist and turn


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