Recent Advances in Elasticity, Viscoelas

Recent Advances in Elasticity, Viscoelas
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Utgivelsesår 1995
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812831286
Sider 248
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Om Recent Advances in Elasticity

This is a collection of papers dedicated to Prof T C Woo to mark his 70th birthday. The papers focus on recent advances in elasticity, viscoelasticity and inelasticity, which are related to Prof Woo's work. Prof Woo's recent work concentrates on the viscoelastic and viscoplastic response of metals and plastics when thermal effects are significant, and the papers here address open questions in these and related areas.Contents:Energy Flux and Dissipation in Linear Dissipative Systems (Ph Boulanger & M Hayes)A Constitutive Equation for the Aging of Elastomers (W W Feng)Rate and Gradient Effects in a Theory of Solid-Solid Phase Transitions (E Fried & G Grach)Large Deformations of Infinite Cylinders in the Context of Thermoelasticity (C E Maneschy) Convection in Third Grade Fluids (M Massoudi & I Christie)Disarrangements in Continua and the Geometry of Microstructure (D R Owen)Convolutions as Products in Viscoelasticity Theory (A C Pipkin)On the Nature of a Work Inequality in Rate Independent Plasticity (A R Srinivasa)On Boundary Conditions in Mixture Theory (L Tao & K R Rajagopal)Antiplane Deformations of Anisotropic Elastic Materials (T C T Ting)Response of Beams of Viscoelastic Materials with a Strain Clock (A Wineman & R Kolberg)Development of a Viscoelastoplastic Constitutive Model for Commercial-Purity Aluminum (E F M Winter)Normal Stress Gradients in Corrugated Channels (R C Yalamanchili)Readership: Applied mathematicians and mechanical engineers.Key Features:First book dedicated to the effects of electric fields on soft matter systemsEach topic is covered from the point of view of theory, simulation, and experimentChapters are written by renowned world expertsGraduate-level and advanced researcher text with emphasis on the underlying physical mechanisms


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