Self and the Sonnet

Self and the Sonnet
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Utgivelsesår 2010
Forlag Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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ISBN 9781443825412
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Om Self and the Sonnet

The Self and the Sonnet is an interdisciplinary study which considers the sonnet, a near eight hundred year old form, and looks at the historical meanderings and the popularity of the form among cultures that are far removed from the location of its origin in Italy. The book tracks the notion of the self from its Platonic beginnings to the Postmodern, using insights from Charles Taylor, Brian Morris and Calvin O. Schrag so as to work out a model of the self. Jan Patocka's phenomenological notions of the self and Chaos Theory are important cohesive elements in the composition of this model.A limit point in Mathematics is a point that is not in the set around which all the points cluster. The book looks at the self from the limit points of the body, mind, world and language. It analyzes sonnets which predominantly show a tendency to one of these limit points. However, it keeps in mind the other limit points as possibilities of a comprehensive analysis.The motivation for this body of research comes primarily from the notion of the sonnet being a form that initially exists along with the epic as canonical writers of literary epics also write sonnets. The historic and narrative moment of self in sonnet form calls for a questioning of both the self and the sonnet. The book tries to address the questions: 'What changes in the notion of self prompt the origin and persistence of the sonnet across cultures? ' and 'Why and how is this form compatible with a self that is postmodern and global?' The Anglo-American sonnet, for the most, is addressed but cultures and their attendant forms are also addressed when considering the sonnet. The Arabic zajal, the Persian ghazal, the Chinese sonnet and the Korean Sijo-sonnet are forms that are touched upon along with the Indian postcolonial versions like the forms of the sonnet in Modern Indian Languages such as Bangla, Gujarati and Marathi.


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