Thermodynamics of Quantum YangaAA"

Thermodynamics of Quantum YangaAA
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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2011
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789814329972
Sider 480
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Om Thermodynamics of Quantum YangaAA"

This book aims to provide advanced students and researchers with the text on a nonperturbative, thermodynamically grounded, and largely analytical approach to four-dimensional Quantum Gauge Theory. The terrestrial, astrophysical, and cosmological applications, mostly within the realm of low-temperature photon physics, are treated. Contents: Theory:The Classical Yang–Mills Action: Historic RemarksThe Semisimple Lie Group SU(N) (N ≥ 2)Gauge Connection Aμ and its Field Strength Fμν Gauge-Invariant ObjectsSpontaneous Gauge-Symmetry BreakingHomotopy Groups: Concept and UseThe Perturbative Approach at Zero Temperature:General RemarksGauge Fixing in the Functional IntegrationOne-loop Running of the Gauge CouplingAspects of Finte- Temperature Field Theory:Free-Particle Partition Function: Real Scalar FieldPerturbative Loop Expansion in Thermal Gauge TheoryElectric Center SymmetrySelfdual Field Configurations:The BPST Instanton and MultiinstantonSketch of the ADHM-Nahm ConstructionSU(2) Calorons with k = ±1One-loop Quantum Weights of CaloronsThe Deconfining Phase:Deconfining Thermal Ground StateFree Thermal QuasiparticlesEffective Radiative CorrectionsStable, Screened Magnetic MonopolesThermomagnetic EffectThe Preconfining Phase:Condensation of Magnetic Monopole-Antimonopole PairsThe Dual Gauge FieldAbrikosov–Nielsen–Olesen (ANO) Vortex Lines and Center-Vortex LoopsThe Confining Phase:Decay of the Preconfining Ground StateNonthermal PressureEvolving Center-Vortex LoopsApplications:The Approach of Thermal Lattice Gauge TheoryPressure, Energy Density, and Entropy DensityDifferential versus Integral Method: Thermodynamical QuantitiesAnalytical Aspects of Thermal Lattice Gauge TheoryBlack-Body Anomaly:IntroductionThe Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB)SU(2)CMB and Thermal Photon PropagationDetermination of TcLaboratory Experiment on Black-Body AnomalyAstrophysical and Cosmological Implications of SU(2)CMB:Cold and Dilute Clouds of Atomic HydrogenLarge-angle Anomalies of the CMBPlanck-scale Axion and Dark EnergyReadership: Advanced students of theoretical physics, postdocs and professional researchers.


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