MINCE®  - A Framework for Organizati

MINCE® - A Framework for Organizati

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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2007
Forlag van Haren Publishing
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789087539443
Sider 262
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Om MINCE® - A Framework for Organizati

Assessment of Organizational Maturity is becoming a very popular technique. This book explains how most organizations need to achieve and maintain the competitive ability to meet and take advantage of change. Skills, technical ability, processes all must be in place to achieve competitive advantage. Many companies aspire to ?maturity? in these areas; others use well documented and successful frameworks and approaches in specific areas of the organization. However it is clear that ?maturity? and all the benefits it delivers cannot be limited to just onedepartment in an organization or just one discipline. MINCE, a framework for achieving organizational maturity, takes the approach that maturity is in effect the sum total of a corporation expressed in terms of the people within it and how they deliver – regardless of whether the requirement is HR, technical, Customer Service or Governance. MINCE therefore describes an overall approach to maturity; the advantage is that organizations can finally identify and assess their ability to deliver change in terms of their overall ability – in other words how their customers see it. MINCE identifies six ?pillars? of maturity:1. People, 2. Methods and Techniques, 3. Customer, 4. Realization, 5. Knowledge, 6. Supporting ServicesThese pillars can be assessed across departments and across organizations using the following criteria: A. Leadership, B. Staff, C. Policy, D. Means, E. InstructionsDepending on the nature of the business organizations one can decide how important these pillars are and how much to invest in order to improve the maturity scores. As soon as the organization starts using the MINCE measurement toolset, management will gain insights in:maturity of the organization;skills of the staff;abilities of the organization?s customer chain;effectiveness of the organization?s projects;the way the organization benefits from past lessons learned, andability to adapt to change. Organizations are not simple; if they were, assessment and implementation of change wouldn?t be as difficult as they so clearly are for many. MINCE takes the complex mix of people skills, process approach and technical ability and describes a common-sense and easy to understand approach that is relevant for all. Its well thought-out approach provide a much needed solution to many organizations seeking to make the leap from a simple silo delivery to real organizational achievement. `


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