Helping Children Toward Emotional Intell

Helping Children Toward Emotional Intell
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Utgivelsesår 2015
Forlag Balboa Press AU
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781452531809
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Om Helping Children Toward Emotional Intell

Emotions are energy we store in our bodies. If not let go, if pushed down and not understood, these feelings can cause pain and illness. Its especially important for children to learn about emotions, how to acknowledge them, and what they mean. Children need to understand them and learn skills to deal with them in a safe and supportive environment, learn to sit with and within the feelings, give them credence, and let them go. In Helping Children toward Emotional Intelligence, author Rene Robinson offers a guide containing ways and ideas to help children toward a deeper emotional intelligence. She answers the following questions: What is emotional intelligence? What are emotions? What does emotional intelligence mean for a child? What does it mean for methe parent, the grandparent, or the caregiver of a child? What does it mean to help a child become emotionally intelligent? What do I want for this child? What would I like for this child and me? How can I provide the understanding and support needed for this child to become emotionally well? What does it mean to live my truth, and how do I live it daily? How do I help my children find their truth and learn to live within this truth? How do we all learn to be real? With personal experiences include, Robinson shares techniques to help children understand and appropriately deal with their emotions.


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