Control of Homoclinic Chaos by Weak Peri

Control of Homoclinic Chaos by Weak Peri

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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2005
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812703514
Sider 240
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Om Control of Homoclinic Chaos by Weak Peri

This monograph presents a reasonably rigorous theory of a highly relevant chaos control method: suppression–enhancement of chaos by weak periodic excitations in low-dimensional, dissipative and non-autonomous systems. The theory provides analytical estimates of the ranges of parameters of the chaos-controlling excitation for suppression–enhancement of the initial chaos. The important applications of the theory presented in the book include: (1) control of chaotic escape from a potential well; (2) suppression of chaos in a driven Josephson junction; (3) control of chaotic solitons in Frenkel–Kontorova chains; (4) control of chaotic breather dynamics in perturbed sine-Gordon equations; (5) control of chaotic charged particles in electrostatic wave packets.Contents:Theoretical ApproachPhysical MechanismsApplications: Low-Dimensional SystemsApplications: High-Dimensional SystemsFurther Remarks and Open ProblemsReadership: Graduate students and researchers in physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology, as well as electrical, electronic, mechanical systems and control engineering.Key Features:Unique and original approach to elliptic functionsNew and revised edition with extra material to reflect recent developmentsAccessible and readable: can be read by non-specialists and by students and scholars who have not studied elliptic functions or explored Ramanujan's work before


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