Designing and Conducting Survey Research

Designing and Conducting Survey Research
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Utgivelsesår 2012
Forlag Wiley
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ISBN 9780787981259
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Om Designing and Conducting Survey Research

Designing & Conducting Survey Research, third editionSince it was first published in 1992, Designing and ConductingSurvey Research has become the standard reference in the field forpublic and nonprofit managers who are responsible for conductingeffective and meaningful survey research. This updated and expandedthird edition builds on the first two volumes and containsadditional statistical techniques, new reporting methods that meetthe growing demands for accountability, and more user- friendlyanalysis methods.Designing and Conducting Survey Research is a complete, practicalguide to conducting sample survey research. In a comprehensivemanner, it explains all major components of survey research,including construction of the instrument, administration of theprocess, and analysis and reporting of results. Clear, concise, andaccessible, this guide explains how to conduct a survey researchproject from start to finish. Further, it shows how this researchmethod can be applied in such diverse fields as urban affairs,social science, and public administration. Designing and ConductingSurvey Research is an excellent tool that will help bothprofessionals and students understand and explain the validity ofsample survey research.Praise for the Previous Edition of Designing & ConductingSurvey Research"Clear, thorough, well-written, and eminently practical. Takes youstep by step through all you need to know to conduct a survey orevaluate one and provides a basic understanding of the theoreticalbasis of sampling. The clarity of the book makes it a model foreffective instruction and one that opens the road for those whomust master the subject themselves."-Norton Long, professor emeritus of political science, Universityof Missouri, St. Louis"A basic tool for conducting survey research projects that anyresearcher can understand and use. Freed of confusing statisticaltheory yet comprehensive in approach, with step by stepdetails."-John B. Sauvajot, public management consultant and former deputychief administrative officer, San Diego County"Demystifies the arcane world of pollsters and survey research.Anyone who conducts surveys, hires survey consultants, readsreports, or makes policy based on survey data will benefit fromthis book."-Robert J. Waste, Survey Research Center, California StateUniversity, Chico


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