Spiceland Township

Spiceland Township
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Utgivelsesår 2014
Forlag Arcadia Publishing
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ISBN 9781439647189
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Om Spiceland Township

Spiceland Township and the town of Spiceland are truly unique in that no other township, town, or city in the United States has the same name. Native Americans were first attracted to the area because of the abundance of springs along the classic little stream called Brook Bezor. From 1870 to 1921, Spiceland was known for its Friends (Quaker) Academy. The Spiceland Sanitarium also attracted visitors from all over the country. In pre-Civil War days, the township was a prominent station on the Underground Railroad. Spiceland Academy (later Spiceland High School) turned out a number of outstanding graduates, including playwrights, lyricists, inventors, entrepreneurs, authors, and college presidents. Spiceland's Draper Inc. is the largest factory of its kind in the United States and the largest industry in Henry County.


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