Silent Word

Silent Word

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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 1998
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812812193
Sider 188
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Om Silent Word

This book is a selection of the papers presented at an international conference on “Meaning as Production: The Role of the 'Unwritten'”, held in Singapore in 1995. It takes textual analysis beyond the traditional boundaries of literary studies, into a more culturally dynamic field of social semiotics, rhetorical studies, hermeneutics and theories of interpretation. There are also essays that explore the issues with reference to canonical literary texts or authors.Contents: The Overwritten Unwritten: Nationalism and Its Doubles in Postcolonial Theory (R J C Young)The Politics of the Unwritten and the Question of Value (I Small)Notes on Atavism (D W Davis)Epic, Colonialism, Empire: A Reading of Milton's Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained (W Lim)After the (Unwritten) “Postcolonial” in Southeast Asia: What Happens Next? (I S Talib)Relativity, Uncertainty and Imaginary Time: The Pseudoscientific Basis of Postmodernist Literary Theory (C Carleton)Memories in Black and White: Style and Theme in Spielberg's Schindler's List (T R White & L Stiller)The Role of Bangsawan Theatre in the Evolution of Modern Malay Drama (C M Chan)Fetishism and Maugham's “The Letter” (K C Ban)Inducing the Hole: Paratactic Structure and the Unwritten Canterbury Tales (A Lindley)Virginia Woolf's “As If” in To the Lighthouse: The Modernist Philosophy of Meaning in Absentia (R Lumsden)Unwritten Fetishes and Rhetorical Strategies in Matthew Arnold's Criticism (R B H Goh)The Unwritten and the Underwriting of Ruskin's Art Criticism (A Leng)Unspeakable Fury: The Silence of Klytaimnestra in Agamemnon, to Line 258 (T Dawson)Readership: Academics and graduate students in language and literature, philosophy, sociology, psychology and other disciplines in the humanities.Key Features:Presents the geometric formulation of classical and quantum non-autonomous mechanics in a very general setting of time-dependent coordinate and reference frame transformationsProvides a unique treatment of mechanics and classical field theory in the framework of general theory of dynamic systems on fiber bundlesAims at being a guide to advanced geometric methods in classical and quantum mechanics


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