There is Life After Death

There is Life After Death
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Utgivelsesår 2009
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ISBN 9781601637581
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Om There is Life After Death

Is death the end? Or, to put it another way, do we survive bodily death? Some shrug their shoulders and declare we simply can't know. Others just say "No." And a few, flying their philosophical colours, pretentiously profess to not even understand the question. Curiously, the overwhelming majority of human beings throughout the course of history have taken it for granted that death is not the end, that there is a life after death. This striking and seemingly instinctive belief has been embodied in the religious traditions and philosophical reflections of most cultures. THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATH is the first of its kind in that it assembles and analyses a comprehensive range of data on life after death and then provides a framework to understand the data. No previous book has given a concrete structure of the afterlife that is based on the accounts of "eye"-witnesses, as well as on data from diverse sources. "I am confident that breakthroughs will soon bring genuine advances toward rational comprehension of humankind's deepest mystery. THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATH is conceptual in that Mr. Varghese respects a fundamental limitation which is ignored by many scholars who address the subject. Namely, the question of an afterlife is not an easy one. " - Raymond A. Moody, from the Foreword


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