Ecosystem-Aware Global Supply Chain Mana

Ecosystem-Aware Global Supply Chain Mana
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Utgivelsesår 2013
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789814508179
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Om Ecosystem-Aware Global Supply Chain Mana

Over the last two decades, several textbooks, research papers, and best practice cases have been published on supply chain management. However, globalization has created dispersed supply chains which are vulnerable and dependent on entities and factors that are exogenous to the supply chain. Resource scarcity, environmental regulations, government policies, political unrest, economic instability, and natural disasters are a few examples of how non-supply chain factors influence the way supply chains are managed. These exogenous factors are not just risk sources but can also be venues for innovation and growth.This book presents the notion of supply chain ecosystem to holistically model all the factors that interact with the supply chain and influence the flow of goods, information, and finance. Through a number of real-life case studies, the authors use the ecosystem framework to study the governance, risk, innovation, and performance issues in supply chain management, and also to redesign the management techniques for global supply chains. In doing so, this book makes a unique contribution to the theory and practice of supply chain networks. Contents:Ecosystem Framework:IntroductionThe Supply Chain Ecosystem FrameworkPerformance AnalysisSupply Chain RiskInnovationGovernance, Coordination, and ControlGlobal Supply Chain RedesignApplications:Location AnalysisGreen Supply ChainsSmart Villages and CitiesEpilogueReadership: Academics, researchers, and undergraduate and graduate students in courses on supply chain engineering and operations management; managers wishing to gain insights into global supply chain network issues.


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