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The Wonderful Adventures should be Nils Holgersson's Wonderful Journey Across Sweden translated from Swedish, this story is about a fourteen -year-old little boy named Nils. He lives in southern Sweden , his parents are kind, hard-working but very …

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    Om Wonderful Adventures

    The Wonderful Adventures should be Nils Holgersson's Wonderful Journey Across Sweden translated from Swedish, this story is about a fourteen -year-old little boy named Nils. He lives in southern Sweden , his parents are kind, hard-working but very poor farmers . He does not love reading, mischievous, enjoys teasing small animals. In early spring of one year, the boy's parents went to the church , because he teased an elf at home, Nils was turned into a homuncule as big as your thumb by the elf's magic. Just then, a group of wild geese was flying over the farm, a gander domesticated also wanted to join the geese. Nils hugged the goose's neck to prevent it away, but he was brought to the sky unexpectedly. From then on, he was riding on the back of goose , following the wild geese to travel extensively, traveling around Sweden, flying from the South to Lapland lay the most northern, which took eight months to return home. He rode on the goose's back, saw high peak and strange range of his homeland ,charming scenery , learned the geography and history of the country , heard of many stories and legends , but also suffered many risks and suffering. During the roaming, Nils have learned a lot of advantages from his traveling companion and other animals, and correct the shortcomings of own naughty gradually, cultivate excellent qualities of self-sacrifice and helping to others. When he returned home , he turned to a tall handsome boy , and became a gentle, kind , helpful and industrious boy as well.Through this story the author inspired children to hold good moral character and a strong thirst for knowledge, to be good to overcome own's shortcoming by learning other's strong points. This story makes children's mind becomes purer and more virtuous. Meanwhile, through Nils' roaming young readers also enjoy the beautiful rivers and mountains of Sweden, study geography and history knowledge and cultural traditions of Sweden, know all kinds of animals and plants. It is no exaggeration to say, since the publication of this work , generations of Sweden people, from the King and the Prime Minister to the common people, almost all read this "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils", and grow up under the subconsciousnesss of this story. This book affected uniquely in Sweden was wrote by a woman named Selma Lagerlof ( 1858-1940 ). She was born in Marbacka, in the province of Varmland in western Sweden, where she spent his childhood , youth and old age. Unfortunately, she was disabled for her left foot after her birth, when she was three and a half, her legs can not move completely, therefrom she was always sitting in the chair and listening to the legends and stories told by her grandmother, aunt and others. She started to reading abundantly after seven years old. And the books brought the great spiritual comfort to her disabled body, but also aroused her desires of writing. Later , her paralyzed legs were finally able to walk as healthy people after repeat treatment, though still lame. In 1881, despite her parents' objections , she went alone to study in Stockholm, and was admitted by the Royal Women's Superior Training Academy. After graduating, she taught at small towns in the south in 1885, while she began writing the novel. She finally succeeded through hard work, becoming the world-famous writer, and in 1909 became the first woman writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. The summer of 1904, she started to visit across Sweden and to prepare writing "The Wonderful Adventures". From 1906 to 1907, this book divided into two volumes was published. Since its first publication until the death of the author on 1940, this book has been issued 3.5 million, is one of the largest circulation of Swedish literary works. So far the book has been translated into more than fifty languages. The unique conceive and superb writing skills of the author make things of earth having thoughts and feelings . She used a lot of personification in the book, and intertwined the fantasy with the reality, moved the things happened in human world to the world of plants and animals, made the whole work possessing the dynamic and the plot. It is full of fun, dramatic and romantic that the people and the impersonated propagation acted out actively in the meantime and combined together. In addition, she also wrote a lot of fairy tales, legends and folk tales in book, some to describe historical facts to the readers, some to describe the topography and physiognomy, some to introduce the life and growth regularity of plants and animals, while others to praise the good moral character of assisting the weak, and to sing the goodness winning over the evil, the pure love overcoming the selfish, callous and atrocious. In her writings, Sweden's geography, history, culture, plants, animals contain all tales winned universal praise. She imparted the knowledge by telling the story, this entertaining way makes children to accept easily, and that can makes them to fix in the mind.



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