Digital Heritage and Culture

Digital Heritage and Culture
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Om Digital Heritage and Culture

This book addresses the state-of-the-art initiatives as well as challenges, policy, and strategy issues in developing a digital heritage ecosystem within the broader context of an emerging digital culture. Case studies are drawn from the United States, Europe, and Asia to showcase the breadth of innovative ideas in delivering, communicating, interpreting, and transforming cultural heritage content and experience through multi-modal, multimedia interfaces.Aiming to offer a balanced overview of digital heritage and culture issues and technologies, the book pulls together expert views and updates on these four broad areas, namely, a) policy and strategy, b) applications, c) business models, and d) emerging concepts and directions.-->

  • Policy and strategy chapters provide insights into how digital heritage strategy and policy are formulated and implemented in cultural heritage institutions and public agencies.
  • Applications chapters present novel installed and mobile applications deploying technical tools in innovative assemblies and evaluate their usefulness, effectiveness along with other metrics in delivering an enriched user experience.
  • Business model chapters unveil a variety of partnership models that have been successfully structured for the benefit of stakeholders.
  • Emerging concepts and directions chapters propose research directions pointing to new signposts in technologically enhanced delivery of digital heritage and culture.
This practical book will be of interest to policy makers, business people, researchers, curators, and educators as well as the culture-minded public seeking to understand how the burgeoning field of digital heritage and culture may impact our social, cultural, and recreational activities.Contents:
  • Strategy and Policy:
    • IT-enabled Innovative Services as a Museum Strategy: Experience of the National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan (James Quo-Ping Lin)
    • Designing Digital Heritage Competence Centers: A Swedish Model (Halina Gottlieb)
    • 7 Lessons Learned for Digital Culture (Christine Kuan)
  • Applications and Services:
    • Reinventing MoMA's Education Programs for the 21st Century Visitor (Jackie Armstrong, Deborah Howes, and Wendy Woon)
    • Onemillionmuseummoments: A Cultural Intertwingling (Suzanne Akhavan Sarraf)
    • Documentary Storytelling Using Immersive and Interactive Media < i>(Michael Mouw)
    • The Making of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum Virtual Temple (June Sung Sew and Eric Deleglise)
    • Digital Media in Museums: A Personal History (Selma Thomas)< /i>
    • Using New Media for Exhibit Interpretation: A Case Study, Yuan Ming Yuan Qing Emperors' Splendid Gardens (Herminia Din, Darrell L Bailey and Fang-Yin Lin)
  • Business and Partnership Models:
    • The Virtual Collection of Asian Masterpieces: A Universal Online Museum (Manus Brinkman)
    • A Tale on a Leaf: Promoting Indonesian Literature and Culture Through the Development of the Lontar Digital Library (Ruly Darmawan and Djembar Lembasono)
    • The Future of History is Mobile: Experiencing Heritage on Personal Devices (Christopher Jones)
    • < /ul>
    • Technology and Other Issues:
      • A Cultural Heritage Panorama: Trajectories in Embodied Museography (Sarah Kenderdine and Jeffrey Shaw)
      • From Product to Process: New Directions in Digital Heritage (Eugene Ch'ng, Henry Chapman and Vince Gaffney)< /li>
      • I Sho U: An Innovative Method for Museum Visitor Evaluation (Anita Kocsis and Sarah Kenderdine)
      • Digital Cultural Heritage is Getting Crowded: Crowdsourced, Crowd-funded, and Crowd-engaged (Leonard Steinbach)

    Readership: Policy makers, business people, researchers, curators, and educators as well as the culture-minded public seeking to understand how the burgeoning field of digital heritage and culture may impact our social, cultural, and recreational activities.
    Key Features:
    • Most journals and books on digital heritage are focused on technology solutions and project case studies. They do not tackle policy, strategy and business issues. This book includes discussion from senior managers at leading museums and institutions explaining their respective organisation's policy and strategy. In addition to projects already implemented, some chapters give insights into emerging concepts and useful lessons from past experience
    • This eclectic volume includes contributions from Asia, Europe, and the United States. Contributions from museums, universities, and companies provide a global lens on digital heritage and culture in practice and research
    • It is aimed at students and non- specialists while also containing materials for professionals. The affordable price of the book is believed to be attractive to students and non-specialist adults, and also within the price band of competing titles


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