Advances in Multivariate Statistical Met

Advances in Multivariate Statistical Met
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Utgivelsesår 2009
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812838247
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Om Advances in Multivariate Statistical Met

This volume contains a collection of research articles on multivariate statistical methods, encompassing both theoretical advances and emerging applications in a variety of scientific disciplines. It serves as a tribute to Professor S N Roy, an eminent statistician who has made seminal contributions to the area of multivariate statistical methods, on his birth centenary. In the area of emerging applications, the topics include bioinformatics, categorical data and clinical trials, econometrics, longitudinal data analysis, microarray data analysis, sample surveys, statistical process control, etc.Researchers, professionals and advanced graduates will find the book an essential resource for modern developments in theory as well as for innovative and emerging important applications in the area of multivariate statistical methods.Contents:High-Dimensional Discrete Statistical Models: UIP, MCP and CSI in Perspectives (P K Sen)A Review of Multivariate Theory for High Dimensional Data with Fewer Observations (M S Srivastava)Model Based Penalized Clustering for Multivariate Data (S Ghosh & D K Dey)Jacobians Under Constraints and Statistical Bioinformatics (K V Mardia)Cluster Validation for Microarray Data: An Appraisal (V Pihur et al.)Flexible Bivariate Circular Models (B C Arnold & A SenGupta)Optimal Text Space Representation of Student Essays Using Latent Semantic Analysis (A Villacorta & S R Jammalamadaka)Linear Regression for Random Measures (M M Rao)Mixed Multivariate Models for Random Sums and Maxima (T J Kozubowski et al.)Estimation of the Box–Cox Transformation Parameters (M Rahman & L M Pearson) Generation of Multivariate Densities (R N Rattihalli & A N Basugade)Smooth Estimation of Multivariate Distribution and Density Functions (Y P Chaubey)Estimation Using Quantile Function Structure with Emphasis on Weibull Distribution (G D Kollia et al. )On Optimal Estimating Functions in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters (P Mukhopadhyay)Inference in Exponential Family Regression Models Under Certain Shape Constraints (M Banerjee)Study of Optimal Adaptive Rule in Testing Problem (S K Bhandari et al.)The G-IG Analogies and Robust Tests for Inverse Gaussian Scale Parameters (G S Mudholkar et al.)Clusterwise Regression Using Dirichlet Mixtures (C Kang & S Ghosal)Bayesian Analysis of Rank Data Using SIR (A K Laha & S Dongaonkar)Bayesian Tests of Equality of Stratified Proportions for a Multiple-Response Categorical Variable (B Nandram)Respondent-Generated Intervals in Sample Surveys: A Summary (S J Press & J M Tanur)Quality Index and Mahalanobis D2 Statistic (R Dasgupta)AQL Based Multiattribute Sampling Scheme (A Majumdar)Multivariate Quality Management in Terms of a Desirability Measure and a Related Result on Purchase Decision: A Distributional Study (D Roy)Time Series of Categorical Data Using Auto-Mutual Information with Application of Fitting an AR(2) Model (A Biswas & A Guha)Estimation of Integrated Covolatility for Asynchronous Assets in the Presence of Microstructure Noise (R Sen & Q Xu)Improving the Hansen-Hurwitz Estimator in PPSWR Sampling (A K Adhikary)Readership: Researchers, professionals and advanced students working on multivariate statistical methods for both theory and applications.


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