Chemical Applications of Synchrotron Rad

Chemical Applications of Synchrotron Rad
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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2002
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812775757
Sider 1304
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Om Chemical Applications of Synchrotron Rad

The synchrotron light source is becoming widely available, after its evolution from its infancy in the sixties to the present third generation source with insertion devices. It is timely to examine the impact that synchrotron light has made and will continue to make on chemical research. With this objective in mind, the editor of this invaluable book invited contributions from practitioners who are in the forefront of the research. The book summarizes most of the significant developments in the last decade in chemical and related research using synchrotron light. The utilization of the light as a probe as well as an energy source is emphasized. This book is organized into two parts, in order of increasing photon energy. Part I deals with the applications of low energy photons and covers areas such as gas phase photodissociation reactions and dynamics, soft X-ray fluorescence, IR and photoemission analysis of surfaces, spectroscopy of organic and polymeric materials, catalysts, electronic and magnetic materials, and spectromicroscopy. Part II encompasses applications using soft to hard X-rays, including spectroscopy of surface and thin films, XAFS, diffraction and scattering, and several technological applications, namely the microprobe, photoetching and tribology. Contents:Part I:Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Molecular Superexcited Molecules (Y Hatano)Photoionization Dynamics from Inner-Shell Mass-Spectrometry (A P Hitchcock & J J Neville)Surface Science and Microscopy Investigations Using Infrared Synchrotron Radiation (P Dumas & G P Williams)Functional Organic Materials Studied Using UPS and NEXAFS (K Seki et al.)Electronic and Magnetic Materials (F J Himpsel)Part II:Soft X-ray Excited Optical Luminescence Spectroscopies (A Rogalev & J Goulon)Recent Advances in Powder Diffraction (J S Tse)Higher Order Multiple Scattering Theory of XAFS (J J Rehr et al.)and other papersReadership: Physical chemists and materials scientists.Key Features:The collection of topics in this volume is useful not only to active researchers but also to other scientists in biology, chemistry, physics and material science. Each chapter is written in a self- contained manner by the experts in the area so that the readers can grasp the knowledge in the area without too much preparation


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