Management of Technology Innovation and

Management of Technology Innovation and
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Om Management of Technology Innovation and

The International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT) is one of the largest scientific associations dealing with the education, research and application of management of technology. The annual conferences held by IAMOT assemble the most important scientists and experts in the field. The 16th conference held in 2007 included papers by experts from 32 countries. This book compiles the best of those papers presented at the conference. It covers topics and issues related to the knowledge economy, commercialization of knowledge, green technologies, and sustainable development.Contents:Paradigms for the Knowledge Economy:New Innovation Management Paradigms in the Knowledge-Driven Economy (A Hidalgo & J Albors)The Many Facets of Uncertainty and the Structure of Cooperation (H Kuittinen et al.)R&D, Innovation and Market Returns:R&D Intensity and Firm Performance- Sectoral Differences (H Kuittinen et al.)An Analysis of High Profitability Mechanism by Means of Dynamism between Technological Diversification, Learning and Functionality Development (N Ouchi & C Watanabe)An Analysis of Dynamism between Market Sensitivity to Technology and Optimal R&D Intensity (Y Tou)Evaluation of Nuclear Knowledge Management for the Light Water Reactor and Fusion Reactor: A Case Study of Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) (K Tanagisawa)Technology Balance: Technology Valuation According to IASB's Value in Use Approach (G Schuh et al.)The Economic Value of Green Technologies and Sustainable Development:A Modeling Framework for the Diffusion of Green Technologies (M Matsumoto et al.)A Green Operations Framework and Its Application in the Automotive Industry (B Nunes & D Bennett)Creating Value with Forest-Based Biomass — Traditional Industries Seeking New Business Opportunities (S Pätäri et al.)Innovation and Sustainable Development in Wood Furniture Design (O Chéry & E Marcandella)Sustainable Development and Technology Management (A C Brent & M W Pretorius)The Knowledge Chain and Value Creation:Commercializing Breakthrough Technologies: Scenarios and Strategies (J R Ortt et al.)Industrialization Guidelines for South Africa's Pebble Bed Modular Nuclear Reactor Programme (A Buys)A Longitudinal Analysis of Inventors' Movements in Technology Clusters (J He & M H Fallah)Technology Mining of Gulf Coast Intellectual Assets: Discovering Regional Assets for Economic Development (C C Trumbach et al.)South Korean System of Innovation: From Imitation to Frontiers of Technology, Successes and Limitations (A E Fakir)On Creating Value in Various Positions in the Value Chain — The Pulp and Paper Industry in China (O Tang et al.)The Internationalization of R&D at Petrobras (I Rodrigues et al.)R&D, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Brazil: Where is the Missing Link? (P A Zawislak et al.)Organization Capabilities and Successful Innovation:Key Elements for Incubating Radical Innovations Successfully (C M Shah et al.)Rapid Response Capabilities: The Importance of Speed and Flexibility for Successful Innovation (C Grimpe & W Sofka)Innovation Process Evaluation: From Self- Assessment to Detailed Technology Audit (L Morel & V Boly)Technology Foresight and Forecasting:An Integrative Approach to Disruptive Technology Forecasting in Companies (M A Weissenberger-Eibl & S Speith)Quadratic-Interval Innovation Diffusion Models for New Product Sales Forecasting (F-M Tseng)Readership: Scientists, managers, policy makers, academicians and government officials in the fields of knowledge management and technology.


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