Indian Economic Superpower

Indian Economic Superpower
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Utgivelsesår 2009
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812814661
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Om Indian Economic Superpower

View the Author's interview here.India's prominence in the global economy is on the rise. Are we witnessing the rise of an economic superpower? Or is it a mirage? What factors have influenced this economic growth story across the different sectors? Which sectors present future growth potential? How can this opportunity be leveraged?In this volume, leading experts and scholars present an in-depth analysis of the rise of the Indian economy across various sectors over the last 15 years. The book explores potential opportunities and pitfalls in business sectors such as software, business process outsourcing, manufacturing, logistics, aviation, marketing and sales and telemedicine. It also provides an overview of potential challenges related to infrastructure, lop sided growth and education in India and pitfalls to avoid while entering India. The book concludes by identifying sectors of outstanding potential for growth in the upcoming decade.This book is geared towards managers and executives of multinational firms, business students, potential investors or anyone interested in obtaining a deeper understanding about the Indian business economy and its growth story.Contents:Sea Change in Indian Economy (J M Swaminathan)Connecting Wave: Outsourcing (J M Swaminathan)Offshore to Win and Not Shrink! (V Kulkarni)Connecting Wave: Information Technology (J M Swaminathan)Evolution of the Indian Software Industry: The Emerging Model of Mobilizing Global Talent (M S Krishnan et al.)Connecting Wave: Manufacturing (J M Swaminathan) Indian Manufacturing: Strategic and Operational Decisions and Business Performance (A Iyer et al.)Connecting Wave: Logistics (J M Swaminathan)The Logistics Sector in India: Overview and Challenges (P Chandra & N Jain)India's Aviation Sector: Dynamic Transformation (J Kasarda & R Vankayalapati)Connecting Wave: Healthcare (J M Swaminathan)Healthcare Delivery Models and the Role of Telemedicine (R Anupindi et al.)Connecting Wave: Leveraging India (J M Swaminathan)Entering India's Product and Service Markets: Ten Caveats that Can Help You Tame the Asian Elephant (S Balasubramanian & P Konana)Obstacles Along the Way (J M Swaminathan)Storm of Opportunity (J M Swaminathan)The Global Credit Tsunami and Its Impact (J M Swaminathan)Readership: Business managers; masters and undergraduate students in global business; researchers.


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