Paranormal Pleasures - 3 Sexy Stories!

Paranormal Pleasures - 3 Sexy Stories!
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2014
Forlag Steam Books
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781634570282
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Om Paranormal Pleasures - 3 Sexy Stories!

You think you might be prepared for the passion of the paranormal, but after youve experienced these three tales from erotica extraordinaires Sandra Sinclair, Logan Woods, and Carly Katz, youll realize that nothing could have prepared you for PARANORMAL PLEASURES. This bundle includes: DEVILISH DEAL by Sandra Sinclair. When Rachel's husband, Jack, lands in the hospital in a critical condition after a terrible accident, Rachel grows desperate. She will do anything, anything to have Jack back in her arms; in fact, she would even sell her soul to the devil if she could. She could never guess that the devil himself would indeed show up, and is even more surprised when he is more interested in her body than her soul... THE INCUBUSS JOB by Logan Woods. As an immortal incubus, the gorgeous Raphael thinks he has seen it all when it comes to sex. But while on his latest job, which involves giving pleasure to mortal women and having them carry his supernatural seed, he encounters a young nubile succubus named Miriam, who might just be his sexual match. MYSTERIOUS LOVER: A Vampire Seed Tale by Carly Katz. Vicki is a vampire, and not just any vampire: she hungers for human seed, not blood. So its not everyday someone takes Vicki by surprise., but thats exactly what happens one night when she meets Evan, a handsome stranger who shows her a night of passion like no other. But when Evan disappears the next morning, shes left with unanswered questions: where did he go? Who is he? And more importantly.... what is he? WARNING: This 12,831-word compilation is a steamy read that features hot sex , supernatural attraction, demons, incubus, vampires, shapeshifters, succubus and incubus, blowjobs, breeding, older-on-younger sex, bondage, tentacles, and might be too much for timid readers!


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