Breaking Religion Touching Real

Breaking Religion Touching Real
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2018
Forlag scott mckernan
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9780648326830
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Om Breaking Religion Touching Real

After binge drinking with his friend, Sharky, on weekends, and scheming throughout the week as head marketer for an unscrupulous company, Skelter Valentine is hit by a speeding car on his way home, drunk late at night. A homeless stranger, Jack, appears and offers Skelter the help he needs as he takes him into his squat to tend to his damaged leg.After meeting Beano, another homeless man, and being touched by Jack's selfless kindness, Skelter decides to have a final coffee with them before walking home. During a careless accident in the squat, Skelter meets his end and dies.In a city that is lit up without a sun or moon, Skelter meets a man in a pizzeria that offers him a message unlike any he has heard before. He is soon told that his next meeting is in the diner across the road, where he goes and places an order for his meal.Another stranger with white feathers stemming from his clothing enters and asks the waitress for a serving of devilled sausages and mash with extra devil!As a conversation forms in the diner between Skelter and this person, Mike, Skelter is brought to his knees as deep truths are exchanged. Soon, the stranger leaves as a new man enters who calls himself Sam. The two glare at each other as they pass. When Skelter meets him at the back of the diner he is unsure whether he saw a flame flicker in Sam's eyes, or whether it was a reflection of a dangling lightshade. This mysterious person offers Skelter words that challenge the message Mike gave him, leaving Skelter to choose whose advice he will adhere to. Suddenly, Sam and the diner are gone, and Skelter finds himself in a void of darkness. A light appears off in the distance that Skelter can't reach, and a voice in the light speaks to him, saying, ';I Am. Only believe, and your time will come.'God gives Skelter the choice of staying where he is or returning to Earth to discover what was already his-his destiny. After making his choice, he finds himself in the care of medical staff as they resuscitate him and keep him in overnight in the hospital after hearing somebody die in the partition next to him in the E.R.The next day Skelter returns to the squat to thank Jack for saving his life, but finds out it was Jack who died in the hospital last night.With the help of an unexpected mentor, his cleaning lady, Mrs. Delaney, he begins to discover how his life has become so messed up over the years. At work, a vision transpires in his mind that illustrates how truth and lies work in his life the second he believes them. This causes him to unearth the very lies that have caused his undesirable life experience. As Skelter endeavors to believe the truths he needs to accept to help sort out his life, he soon finds that this is no easy task.Feeling the need to make amends for kind Jack dying on account of Skelter, he forms a friendship with Beano, and after meeting Jesus in a number of dreams, Skelter begins to help Beano to find the hope that he has lacked all his life.The story comes to a climax as Skelter is brought down low, when suddenly, a series of revelations flood his soul, forever leaving him a changed man.


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