Routledge Intermediate Turkish Reader

Routledge Intermediate Turkish Reader
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2012
Forlag Taylor and Francis
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781136734168
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Om Routledge Intermediate Turkish Reader

NEW: The Routledge Intermediate Turkish Reader APP is now available on Google Play: The Routledge Intermediate Turkish Reader has been specially designed for intermediate and advanced learners of Turkish and comprises a broad selection of graded readings.Written by prominent Turkish academics and journalists, the collection of modern texts presented here have been carefully selected to ensure students receive maximum exposure to current political and cultural issues related to Turkey; from gender, ethnicity, religion and social class through to arts and history.Each reading is fully supported by:an introduction written by an expert in the related field a vocabulary list with English translation and vocabulary in context short grammar explanations of any difficult structures encountered in the text comprehension questions directly text related, language exercises and subject specific questions to generate class-discussion and essay writing in Turkish a key to comprehension questions and language exercises a list of suggested further reading (online support).Suitable for both class use and independent study, The Routledge Intermediate Turkish Reader is an essential tool for increasing language proficiency and enriching the learners' socio-cultural knowledge of Turkey.Companion website available at uk/books/Introductions in English by: Prof. Dr. E. Fuat Keyman, Ko University, Prof. Dr. mit Cizre, Bilkent University, Dr. Can Dndar, journalist, writer, columnist, director, Dr. Martin Stokes, Oxford University, Prof. Dr. Cemil Koak, SabancA University, Prof. Dr. Fatih Selami MahmutoAYlu, A stanbul University, Prof. Dr. Fatma Gk, BoAYazii University, Prof. Dr. Dilek CindoAYlu, Bilkent University, Prof. Dr. YA ldA z Silier, BoAYazii University, Prof. Dr. AyAYegl KibaroAYlu, Middle East Technical University, Prof. Dr. Oya PancaroAYlu, BoAYazii University, Prof. Dr. Meliz Ergin, Ko University, Prof. Dr. zlem Tr, Middle East Technical University, Prof. Dr. AyAYe UyduranoAYlu, Bilgi University, Prof. Dr. Zeynep Gambetti, BoAYazii University, Prof. Dr. Saime zrmez, Bilkent University, Prof. Dr. KrAYad ErtuAYrul, Middle East Technical University, Dr. Selin Akyz-AzaAYmaz, Bilkent University.The articles in Turkish by: Prof. Dr. Murat Belge, Bilgi University, Prof. Dr. Orhan TekelioAYlu, BaheAYehir University, Prof. Dr. E. Fuat Keyman, Ko University, Murat Yetkin, journalist, columnist, lecturer, Radikal, Prof. Dr. Trker Alkan, ankaya University, Prof. Dr. BaskA n Oran, Ankara University, Prof. Dr. Hakan Hakeri, Ondokuz MayA s University; Cem Erciyes, journalist, Radikal, Dr. Fikret Bila, journalist, columnist, Milliyet, Prof. Dr. Azahin Alpay, BaheAYehir University, Prof. Dr. Mmtaz'er Trkne, Gazi University, Prof. Dr. Mahnaz GmrkoAYlu, Sakarya University, Dr. Ali BayramoAYlu, journalist, Yeni Azafak, Prof. Dr. HakkA Uyar, Dokuz Eyll University, AyAYe Hr, historian, journalist, columnist, Taraf.


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