Definitive Guide of Chinese Astrology

Definitive Guide of Chinese Astrology
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Utgivelsesår 2010
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ISBN 9781601637550
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Om Definitive Guide of Chinese Astrology

In the first section, you will learn about Zi Wei Dou Shu or "emperor astrology," the best kept secret for thousands of years and formerly accessible only to royalty. The most accurate and profound divination tool ever discovered - a kind of " Dewey decimal system" of the universe - will help you identify your inborn capabilities, achievement potential and life path. You may be familiar with Chinese birth year animals, but did you know you actually have four? Each year, each month, each day and each two-hour period of the day are distinct and denoted by a combination of Chinese animal signs (branches) and one of the five elements (stems). In the second section, you will learn how to forecast your love and life cycles; understand the indicators of health, wealth and happiness in your chart and identify balances and cures. Finally, in the third section of this volume, you will learn about the Chinese astrological subspecialties, from the I-ching, feng shui and Chinese palmistry to Face reading, 9 Star Ki and what the combination of your Western birth month and Eastern birth year reveals. The interactive CDROM included with the book makes it easy to create Chinese astrological charts for you, your friends, and family members. This book has it all!


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